Mexico contd.: Palenque, Tulum + Chichèn Itzà

The minivan came hooning round the cobbled corner just after 5am. ‘Palenque!? Paaalenque?!’ and as fast as he’d jumped out he’d bundled us in and we were off to the jungle. Somehow the driver mistook Kim’s somewhat basic Spanish as much more than that and assigned her the translator role for the Brit whose girlfriend is sick and can’t come. Kim can’t help but feel important despite her assistance being minimal.  A bit of hand flaling and we get there.  Read More


Mehico – South of the border: Mexico City + Oaxaca

Ándale, or so they say. It’s already been many a week between drinks on the ‘press. And what a many week they have been. We’ll keep it to stage numero dos on this installation and pull the reigns in on time between innings for the next chapter…

So your Mexico, ¡Què pasa! For those who have yet to experience the juxta that is this country… wow, estupendo! Its history and its development alongside its raw beauty, yet dynamic mix of simplicity make it a truly amazing experience. Read More